Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Myth And Reality

"'...that what was myth in one world might always be fact in some other.' PERELANDRA
-quoted from CS Lewis, Perelandra, by CS Lewis, "Forms Of Things Unknown" IN Lewis, The Dark Tower and other stories (London, 1977), pp. 124-132 AT p. 124.

If myth or fiction on Earth 1 is fact on Earth 2, is this because:

(i) dwellers on Earth 1 unknowingly create what they imagine?

(ii) poets and imaginative writers on Earth 1 unknowingly tune in to Earth 2?

(iii) every possibility exists?

Stories published by DC Comics have used explanations (i) and (ii).

In Poul Anderson's Three Hearts And Three Lions, Holger Danske crosses over between the Earth where he is a hero and our Earth, or one like it, where he is a myth. On our Earth, he is in the Danish resistance during World War II. Googling reveals that one Danish resistance group was named after him. See here.

(A round number of posts and the second last day of the month. I might take a break from blogging and catch up with rereading Stieg Larsson.)

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