Sunday, 28 August 2016

Three Narratives II

Poul Anderson, Operation Luna (New York, 2000).

Chapter 38, in which Steve Matuchek negotiates with Native American gods, ends:

"'Daddy, Mother, help!' the girl-voice cried, small, remote, desperate. 'Please, can you hear me? Anybody? Help!'" (p. 344)

Chapters 39 and 40 are about Ginny Matuchek traveling to Yggdrasil.

Chapter 41, in which Valeria Matuchek tries to fly the space broomstick to a hiding place so that the IRS will not be able to seize it, ends:

"'Daddy, Mother, help!' she cried. 'Please, can you hear me? Anybody? Help!'" (p. 371)

Chapter 42 begins when Steve responds to Val. Thus, we return to first person narration as two of the three narratives reconverge. The broomstick flies straight up out of control. Valeria Matuchek will become the first human being on the Moon in her timeline, the Cavor or Armstrong of her universe. Does this make sense? It happens anyway.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

In madcap way, mixed with demonic incitation of bureaucrats to muddle and bungle matters, it does make sense!