Thursday, 18 December 2014

What The Technic History Leaves Out

We see the trader team led by David Falkayn on only one typical mission and nothing of:

the five years when Coya was a member of the team;
Chee Lan's time as the xenobiologist of another trade pioneer crew;
Adzel's three years as a lay brother in a Buddhist monastery in the Andes;
van Rijn's years in Muddlin' Through, delaying the decline of the League;
his later expedition beyond known space, if it happens;
the Falkayns' life on First Island in the Hesperian Sea on Avalon;
the retired Adzel and Chee Lan conferring to protect their planets "...against the evil days" (Rise Of The Terran Empire, p. 290);
the careers of Diana Crowfeather and her companions;
the last days of the Terran Empire or of the Merseian Roidhunate;
the Second and how many other Empires?;
the later careers of Roan Tom or of Daven Laure;
the effects on human civilization of the wealth mined from the Cloud Universe...

We want the History to go on forever. However, it is remarkable first that it tells us as much as it does and secondly that this includes pointing towards all these further events that the author could not have incorporated into his texts unless he had written nothing else and, even then, we would still have wanted to know what happened after the Commonalty period and when was the period of the Galactic Archaeological Society?

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