Sunday, 7 December 2014


In the Cerulian system, resonance with the jovoid planet Ogre has multiplied perturbation and brought the eccentricity of the terrestroid Vixen's orbit close to one-half so that, with a 24 degree axial tilt and midsummer nearly at periastron, once every eighteen month year the northern hemisphere is scorched with four times the radiation that Terra receives from Sol - snow melts, rivers overflow, lakes bake dry, storms rage, fires break out, erosion prevents mountain formation, hot wind blows dust and ash across dry plains.

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Dominic Flandry expects frontier planets like Vixen to outlast the Terran Empire. See here

He resists Ardazirho invaders of Vixen. See here, here and here.

I am currently finding new details in Poul Anderson's "Hunters of the Sky Cave." It is helpful to gather together information already posted.

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