Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Little Goes A Long Way

Athena Falkayn appears in only a single passage, in conversation with her son, David.

Colonel John Falkayn also appears in only a single passage, in combat alongside Adzel and Chee Lan.

Admiral Michael Falkayn does not appear but dies in combat in space.

Vicky Falkayn also does not appear but is mentioned once by Athena as the single sister of David, John and Michael.

We had known that David was a younger son in an aristocratic Hermetian family but not who his older brother was or anything else about the Falkayns back on Hermes. By contrast, Mirkheim discloses so much that it might surprise some readers to realize just how brief are the information-giving passages. But not a word is wasted.

After such long familiarity with David, it is good to see two other Falkayns in action:

David commends his mother for conveying intelligence about occupied Hermes;
John is unkempt, grimy, gaunt and roughly clothed, his uniform a blue band with a colonel's insigne cut out of metal.

John leads the liberation of Starfall but not every character can get their own series.

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