Sunday, 28 December 2014

New Year, New Directions

Curiously, even when there is a link from a post on Poul Anderson Appreciation to Poul Anderson's Cosmic Environments, the latter blog receives far fewer page views. For this reason, I will shortly copy the last three posts from that blog onto this one.

I will have more domestic responsibilities, therefore possibly less time for blogging, some time in the New Year. I have stayed inside Anderson's History of Technic Civilization for as long as possible. However, I have now reread all the installments of this future history series so recently that I may have come to an end, temporarily, of what I can post about them.

I have yet to finish reading the Poul Anderson's Planet Stories ebook and there has been some delay in following up the NESFA collections after Volume 1. Meanwhile, with the Technic History, it has become easier to view this series as a whole. As discussed previously, it has three main sections:

the Extended Earth Book of Stormgate (see also here);
the Flandry period;
the post-Imperial Age.

The Extended Earth Book
Two interweaving strands, human-Ythrian interaction and the Polesotechnic League;
Master Merchant Nicholas van Rijn is prominent in the League but his protege, David Falkayn, is prominent both in the League and in human-Ythrian interaction.

Planets Introduced In The League Period That Remain Important Later

The Flandry Period
Young Flandry
Outposts of Empire
Captain Flandry
Children of Empire

The Post-Imperial Age
the Long Night
the Allied Planets
civilizations in several spiral arms, including one served by the Commonalty and another, I deduce, with a "Second Empire"
the era of the Galactic Archaeological Society

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