Wednesday, 24 December 2014

FSF British Edition Vol 1, No 1

I have received as a present a copy of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction: British Edition, Vol 1, No 1, December 1959, featuring "The Sky People" by Poul Anderson, although I cannot find its cover on the Internet. "The Sky People" belongs in a collection of the three Maurai short stories to be followed by Orion Shall Rise and There Will Be Time. In FSF, "The Sky People" fills 38 double-columned pages so it is quite substantial. I rarely read all the stories in a magazine or anthology. This one also has Bradbury, Bester, Howard Fast (!) and Asimov on science, specifically on vacuum, but not yet knowing about Dark Matter.

The first Dominic Flandry story that I read, not yet knowing that it was part of a series, was "The Game of Glory," in a British edition of Venture Science Fiction in the 1960's, which I should still have on a shelf in the cellar. These are interesting artifacts to have even though the stories by Anderson have rightly been republished in more durable form.

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