Saturday, 20 December 2014

Falkayn Remembers...II

See here.

Here is the full list of what David Falkayn remembers:

wingsailing with Coya at Lunograd;
a red sun permanently above an Ikranankan desert;
his father stern about noblesse oblige (see here);
holding his newborn daughter;
The Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedie (see here);
his first night with Coya;
his last youthful drinking arguments;
Rodin's Burghers of Calais (see here);
the light of two moons on the Auroral Ocean;
a firefall between two stars;
with Coya, seeing crooked towers in a city of a new planet;
his mother demonstrating the rainbow with a prism;
a snowball fight with Coya at an Antarctic resort;
an Ythrian in flight;
with Coya in Muddlin' Through when she had joined the trader team.

Having read of his previous exploits, we know that he could also remember Ivanhoe, Garstang's, Vanessa, Schloss Graustein, Merseia or the Shenna. Those "...crooked towers..." are another tantalizing glimpse of Coya's five year mission as a member of the trade pioneer crew.

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