Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Future Destinations

These are fanciful comparisons:

the Time Traveller, seated on the Time Machine, travels to 802,701 AD, then to his Further Vision;

Martin Saunders, in his time projector, travels to and beyond the end of the universe;

the crew of a Bussard ramjet, the Leonora Christine, makes the same journey as Saunders but by time dilation instead of by time travel;

Hugh Valland, benefiting from the antithanatic and from instantaneous spatial jumps, continues to travel between galaxies into an indefinite future;

the spaceship Chinook travels via T machines to a place where the Others study a new monobloc;

James Blish's New Earthmen and Hevians, propelled by antigravity, fly the planet He to the Metagalactic Centre in order to create new universes after the mutual annihilation of the matter and anti-matter universes;

SM Stirling's Rudi Artos Mackenzie, armed with and empowered by the Sword, travels into the High Kingdom of Montival which did not previously exist!

Many imaginative future destinations.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Cosmic and imaginative indeed! And it was the journey thru time taken by the "Eleonora Christine" via relativistic time dilation seen in TAU ZERO which appeals most to me.