Saturday, 21 May 2016


There is not only deceit but also callousness. When Dahut manipulates Tommaltach, then Carsa, she is bringing about the violent death either of this young man or of her own father but this does not concern her. If Gratillonius dies, good. If the challenger dies, then no harm done. Time to look for the next. Meanwhile, have a good time - in secret - with the current prospect. At this stage, killing Dahut herself might have been a good idea.

When Gratillonius sees that he is being challenged by young Carsa, he realizes that this time he might lose. Indeed, other things being equal, if Ys had endured, then Gratillonius would eventually have been killed in the Wood. However, he outlives the city and its barbarous practices. When we last see Gratillonius, Everard, van Rijn, Falkayn, Flandry and many other characters, they are, appropriately, still alive and active. As John Carter says, "We still live!"

Carsa dies and Dahut approaches Budic...

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Of COURSE Dahut was callous as well as deceitful. All that matters, to her, is what SHE wants. Thwarted by Gratillonius' refusal to commit incest, Dahut turned to plotting his death--using sex and deceit to get challengers to fight Gratillonius, and not giving a tinker's darn about what happens to her victims. Depraved, treacherous, deceitful, murderous, nihilist, are some of the words I would use for her!