Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Ghost Quay

Poul and Karen Anderson, The King Of Ys: Dahut (London, 1989).

The Map of the City of Ys on p. 10 shows Aurochs Gate at one end of Taranis Way. This gate opens onto Cape Rach where there is a Pharos Way on the map and a pharos/lighthouse beyond the ancient graves off the map. A side road descends to Ghost Quay at the foot of the cliff. Two craft are kept moored there in preparation for:

"...the next summons to the Ferriers of the Dead." (Chapter XVIII, section 4, p. 398)

From the Quay, there is a trail to a row of fishermen's cottages. Is this the same place as Scot's Landing or is that somewhere else? I will track that down but not tonight.

While Queen Vindilis visits the fisher captain Maeloch in his cottage, unusually foul weather delays King Gratillonius' return to Ys. The Gods need more time to prepare for the destruction of Their city.

Addendum: Yes, Vindilis refers to the cottages as Scot's Landing on p. 400. But now I am puzzled by Maeloch saying that he has only seen Niall from afar although they had drunk together in Epona's Horse.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Commenting on your Addendum: you may have caught a rare slip by the Andersons here. Maeloch had DEFINITELY met Niall at the "Epona's Horse" inn. But, here he says he only saw Niall from a distance. A small, but unfortunate slip by the authors.