Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Temple Of Taranis

The temple is "...a majestic edifice." (Roma Mater, Chapter XII, section 5, p. 233)

It is on the Forum at the center of Ys.

Roman-built with colonnades but with an open courtyard as its temenos.

The south wing is used for worship.

Other wings hold offices, a hall, a kitchen for seasonal sacred banquets and the Speaker's conference room.

In the conference room, there are:

the Speaker's chair of state;
an inlaid Sun Wheel;
hanging weapons;
a gold-trimmed Hammer;
a mosaic of Taranis victorious over Tiamat;
a writing table;

We are bound to find this a curious mixture of the practical and the supernatural but no more so than if we visited a modern Cathedral.

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