Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Gratillonius And Dahut

When Ys is flooded:

"Houses gave way like sandcastles."
-Poul and Karen Anderson, Dahut, Chapter XIX, section 7, p. 462.

This recalls the child Dahut's sandcastle of Ys that was destroyed by the incoming tide. See also here.

Near the end of The King Of Ys, Volume III, a scene is described from Gartillonius' point of view. At the beginning of Volume IV, the same scene is described from Dahut's point of view. Briefly, he held her arm, then he saw her borne away by the water. Now we learn what happened to her after that.

She is trying to stay alive but the water closes over her. She is in the dark, breathing sea, no longer feeling pain. We gather that she has drowned. However, we are told not that her insensate body sinks but that she spins through a keening whiteness. Can she still hear and see? She comes forth into somewhere boundless where someone waits and transfiguration begins. Eerie, to say the least.

We return to Gratillonius' point of view.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Eerie indeed! Dahut was truly the instrument of the "gods" of Ys. What a pity her misdeeds had brought her to such a fate.