Friday, 27 May 2016

Supernatural Changes

(The War in Heaven in Mike Carey's Lucifer.)

Recently, we compared Poul and Karen Anderson's The King Of Ys with James Blish's Black Easter/The Day After Judgment because both works describe changes in the supernatural realm. Today, I left this theme but returned to it. Instead of reading prose narrative, I watched screen drama. However, this included an adaptation of Mike Carey's graphic series, Lucifer.

In Carey's series, both Lucifer Morningstar and his Father retire from their positions so that replacements must be found. We have already compared Blish's account of such a supernatural change with Carey's. See Your New God I, II and III.

The Andersons' Christian miracle-worker, Corentinus, and their Witch-Queen Forsquilis must confer because of an imminent change in the relationships between the Gods. Doom for the city of Ys.

Blish's black and white magicians must confer as the released demons refuse to be recalled. Doom for the world.

Carey's Lucifer and Elaine Belloc, the new God, must prevent the disintegration of the universe after the departure of its Creator.

Can the stakes get any higher?

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