Friday, 14 April 2017

Virtual Reality

I have not seen the Matrix films. I did once find on the Internet a short story by Neil Gaiman set in the Matrix continuity. I am currently watching a Smallville episode in which the vigilantes are trapped in, and must escape from, a shared virtual reality. However, is Lois also trapped in the virtuality or is the Lois that Clark is talking to in the virtualty part of it? (A Philip K. Dick question.)

Poul Anderson imagines several futures with convincing virtualities and "emulations":

The Harvest of Stars Tetralogy;
The Boat Of A Million Years.

I have reread For Love And Glory too infrequently to remember whether this idea also appears there although it would fit. Anderson's most advanced emulations, planetary surfaces inhabited by AIs who think that they are real, appear in Genesis although even they fall far short of the creation of an entire emulated universe.


  1. Kaor, Paul!

    This is not directly on topic, but have you ever watched the indie film called BORN OF HOPE, directed/produced by Kate Madison? It's based on the first five paragraphs of Tolkien's "The Tale Of Aragorn and Arwen." Altho it shows signs of being "low budget," it's a far better Middle Earthy movie than Peter Jackson's efforts.

    I was so impressed by BORN OF HOPE that I watched it at least 15 times and wrote an article about it.


    1. Kaor, Paul!

      I should have added that if you google BORN OF HOPE, you should be able to find the film.