Saturday, 22 April 2017

Inverstigative Journalism In The Solar Commonwealth

There are corrupt companies in the Polesotechnic League in Nicholas van Rijn's time. In Stieg Larsson's Trilogy, the investigative magazine, Millennium, exposes a corrupt businessman. OK. Let's imagine a magazine on Earth in the Solar Commonwealth investigating:

Serendipity, Inc.;
Solar Spice & Liquors;
the Seven in Space;
the Home Companies;
etc (see here).

After some confrontations with van Rijn and Falkayn, a campaigning journalist learns to focus his attentions elsewhere. The Solar Commonwealth is a complex, multi-faceted civilization. We would like to see all its aspects, not just van Rijn's admittedly liberal and cosmopolitan perspective...


  1. Kaor, Paul!

    But we do see some OTHER aspects of life or thought in the era of the Solar Commonwealth and Polesotechnic League. Some examples being "A Sun Invisible" and MIRKHEIM.

    And my sympathies would lie with Old Nick and David Falkayn! Precisely because of their "classical" (libertarian leaning) and cosmopolitan perspectives. By the time Nicholas van Rijn was an old man the dominant Home Companies and the Seven in Space were becoming corrupt and the Commonwealth more autocratic. Bad developments both!


  2. Kaor, Paul!

    I should have added that we do get second hand glimpse of Nicholas van Rijn being interviewed by the visual media in "A Little Knowledge."