Saturday, 1 April 2017

Not Fanfic But

Copied from "Science Fiction" here:

I cannot write fan fiction but can speculate about obscure potential sequels to existing texts:

What becomes of country roads in Cumbria after the fall of Poul Anderson's Terran Empire (see here)?

Might SM Stirling's Rangers and Tolkien's Elves meet in Anderson's Old Phoenix Inn between the universes (see here)?

What will become of Lancaster in James Blish's Okie History (see here)? (I do not think that it will go Okie.)

Might Ys have gone Okie if, instead of being inundated, it had survived into the Okie future history (see here)?

Might the Time Traveller, the Doctor and the Time Patrol interact (see here)?

Examples could be multiplied but I think that these five are sufficiently suggestive.

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  1. Kaor, Paul!

    I've seen one or two examples of fanfic "based" on the works of Poul Anderson, and I did not like them. Nor have I tried harder to find fanfics using Anderson's works. Of course, there is MULTIVERSE, collecting stories in honor of Anderson. And I did like some of them, esp. Stirling's contribution.

    And Stirling did authorize a collection of stories featuring the people ruling the abominable Domination, DRAKAS. Again, I like some of the stories in that book.