Saturday, 8 April 2017

Future Histories And A Philosopher

The purposes of this blog include:

to analyse Poul Anderson's future histories;
to compare these future histories with others;
in some cases, therefore, to draw attention to the existence of these other future histories, e.g.,  A Short History Of The Future by RC Churchill (see here and here).

Churchill fits works by Bradbury, Vonnegut, Orwell, Huxley and others into a single future chronology and those others include Bertrand Russell! See here.

Moral: The world is not small but vast and interconnected.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Arguably, even the other, far better known Winston S. Churchill, is relevant for discussion here. The Prime Minister was a prolific writer some of whose works come close to touching on science fiction. Here I mean his speculative essay "What If Lee Had Won At Gettysburg?".

And by far the best history of WW I I've read was Churchill's one volume abridgment of THE WORLD CRISIS. But I would like to read his THE EASTERN FRONT, focusing on the usually neglected eastern theater of the Great War.

And it's hard to beat Churchill's six volume history of WW II, THE SECOND WORLD WAR.