Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Time Travel Villains

First, see here.

The Master's problem is how to disrupt and rule history without being stopped by extratemporal counterintervention. To get help, he travels in his TARDIS and rescues Merau Varagan, Raor and some Neldorian thugs from the exile planet. Seeking military intelligence, the Three (The Master and the two Exaltationists), helped by the Neldorians, abduct Manson Everard from his New York apartment, the Doctor from UNIT HQ and Captain Jack from Torchwood.

The Time Traveler has redesigned his Time Machine so that it can travel in any direction of space or time as originally intended. He spies on UNIT by traveling through its space-time in order to learn about the mysterious time traveler called the Doctor. Thus, he witnesses the appearance of the Master's TARDIS, the abduction of the Doctor and the TARDIS's disappearance. Traveling back in time and forward in space, the Time Traveler enters the TARDIS. He must now rescue the captives and help them to overcome the Three. He can travel through the space and time within the TARDIS as it travels through external space-time.


  1. Kaor, Paul!

    This is only tangentially related to your blog piece, but I have thought the Time Patrol could easily imprison temporal criminals on the exile planet by sending them to different periods. That is Merau Varagan was sent to the exile planet at Time A, his sister Raor was exiled to a period a thousand years before then. And so on with other persons sentenced to the exile planet. It would have the advantage of preventing very intelligent and very dangerous people from meeting and possibly cooking up some new devilry.


    1. Sean,
      This would also make it harder for the Master to rescue prisoners - having to find out which different times they were imprisoned in.

    2. Kaor, Paul!

      Exactly! I can easily imagine that the information on WHEN a criminal was dispatched to live on the exile planet would be known only to Patrol officers at the highest ranks.