Saturday, 26 November 2016

Four Senses And Good Food

SM Stirling, On The Oceans Of Eternity (New York, 2000), Chapter Eleven.

The captains of the Nantucket Expeditionary Force gather on one ship:

glasses of sherry;
the ship's bugler;
the Marine band;
sunset, "...a band of crimson fading to deep purple..." (p. 238);
bonfires on the beach;
below decks, silver reflecting lantern flames;
the smell of salt water;
odors of roasted meat;
toasts to the Republic and to fallen comrades;
boiled lobsters;
local salads;
pickled vegetables;
roast suckling pig;
fresh bread;
a Long Island merlot;
chocolate cake;

Palate, music, colors and odors. The captains deserve all of this after the storm that they have survived and before the enemy that they must fight.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I'm reminded of how we see similar ceremonial moments in Jerry Pournelle/S.M. Stirling's stories about Falkenberg's Legion (albeit, as a military force fighting on land, rather than either in space or on an ocean). And Captain Einarsen ended his final instructions to his men before they engaged in battle with the Merseians at Starkad with "Glory to the Emperor."