Thursday, 24 November 2016

A Vaster Scenario

We tried to fit the Time Machine, the Time Patrol and a version of Doctor Who into a single scenario. See here. Let's extend the scenario further. The Time Patrol universe has either a single mutable timeline or several successive timelines - although these are two ways to say the same thing. See here. This is possible because this fictional universe has more than four dimensions, thus at least two temporal dimensions. Theoretically, it has 4N dimensions.

(We could say either that the contents of three dimensional space change, are mutable, or that a succession of 3D spaces with slightly different contents exist along a fourth dimension. These also would be two ways to say the same thing.)

Anderson's The Corridors Of Time, There Will Be Time and The Dancer From Atlantis are each set in a different universe. However, each of these universes has:

only four dimensions;
therefore, only one temporal dimension;
therefore, only a single immutable timeline.

The Old Phoenix multiverse has many parallel timelines. Thus the Anderson multiverse contains at least:

one universe with a single mutable timeline/many successive timelines;
three universes, each with a single immutable timeline;
one multiverse with many parallel timelines.

It must be difficult, although not perhaps impossible, to enter the immutable timelines.

In my suggested scenario, the Time Lords are the Danellians and the Morlocks-Eloi timeline is a quantum fluctuation within the Time Patrol timeline(s).

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

From the POV of the Danellians and the Time Patrol, "immutable" timelines could be held to include "deleted" time lines such as the Carthaginian universe of "Delenda Est" and the alpha and beta timelines of THE SHIELD OF TIME.

I am not at all sure that the Danellians/Time Patrol COULD access either the "immutable" time lines of THE CORRIDORS OF TIME, THE DANCER FROM ATLANTIS, THERE WILL BE TIME, or the "deleted" universes of the Time Patrol stories. You have convincingly argued that "deleted" timelines simply became inaccessible to anyone from the Time Patrol universe.

I love these mind expanding concepts! Such speculations helps explain why I am so fond of science fiction. When SF w writers turn away from such ideas their works become dreary and depressing. I have here the protests by the Sad/Rabid Puppies wing of science fiction against Politically Correct "science fiction."