Saturday, 19 November 2016

Unsanitary Conditions And A Long List

In "A Dusk Of Idols," an Earth ship stops at the planet Chandala where the ruling class uses epidemics to control the population. The ship's surgeon and a passenger who is a famous society doctor discuss the situation on Chandala and I could not help thinking that Dr McCoy, from the Enterprise, would have belonged here but the author, of "A Dusk Of Idols," pointed out that McCoy did not even exist in his creator's mind yet when the story was written.
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I was reminded of this James Blish story when reading SM Stirling's account of the unsanitary conditions in ancient Babylon:

"The street was narrow... An irregular trickle of sewage ran down the middle..." (On The Oceans Of Eternity, pp. 116-117)

Blish imagined a society in which such conditions exist not through ignorance but as a deliberate policy of population control.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

And in Stirling's Nantucket books we see King Kashtiliash of Babylon taking steps to improve public sanitation after learning of the dangers of careless treatment of sewage. And taking drastic steps to prevent an outbreak of smallpox from becoming a devastating epidemic.