Friday, 25 November 2016


The Old Phoenix multiverse has at least five dimensions because each universe has three spatial dimensions and one temporal dimension and the universes coexist along a fifth dimension.

The Time Patrol universe also has at least five dimensions because it has a second temporal dimension. We are told that it has 4N dimensions and that N is how many particles there are. In that case, the Old Phoenix multiverse and the Time Patrol universe can coexist in different parts of the 4N-dimensioned megamultiverse. It might be possible to travel between the Time Patrol and Old Phoenix realms along a sixth dimension.

However, we saw that three other universes have only four dimensions each. This implies that they exist outside the 4N-dimensioned framework and that there would be no way to enter them from outside unless someone can imagine a different means of transport? Like magic?

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

We know, from the Old Phoenix stories and A MIDSUMMER TEMPEST that people from the OPERATION CHAOS series could travel to alternate universes. In that case, it might be possible for a scientist/magician from the Operation universe to reach the immutable time lines of THE CORRIDORS OF TIME, THE DANCER FROM ATLANTIS, and THERE WILL BE TIME.