Saturday, 5 November 2016

Alien Sexes

How many alien sexual arrangements are feasible?

Kzinti females do not have language.

Cynthian females are stronger because they carry the young through the trees.

Ythrian males and females are equal because both carry the young in flight.

Among the Jovians of Three Worlds To Conquer, the female is impregnated by intercourse with the male followed by the demimale.

Among the Kraokan, the male fertilizes the transmitter who then impregnates the female. The males raise the young. The females are creative decision-makers. The transmitters are belligerent.

Does anyone remember how the three Puppeteer sexes work?


  1. Kaor, Paul!

    While I think it might be possible, I'm a bit dubious many non human intelligent races will have three sexes. Because it seems needlessly complicated and possibly makes reproduction more difficult.


    1. Kaor, Paul!

      And that's probably why Poul Anderson did not try out this idea more than two or three times: because of the implausibilities and difficulties.


  2. As far as I can remember about Puppeteers, two of them impregnate the third, which is actually a related and possibly nonsentient species.

  3. Thank you, Lee. The 3rd sex is deffo of a different species and not intelligent. A couple goes somewhere to choose one like buying a pet. Biologically, the tripartite relationship is like Anderson's Jovians. The difference is that the 3 Jovian sexes are all intelligent and all of the same species.