Friday, 4 November 2016

A View On Avalon

Hovering on negaforce, Arinnian savors the view of the Avalonian city, Gray:

"The town sprawled across hills green with trees and susin, color-patched with gardens, that ringed Falkayn Bay." (Rise Of The Terran Empire, p. 442)

Sail-driven hydrofoil pleasure boats skim across the sea;
robots load cargo ships at the docks;
one cargo ship approaches from the Brendan Islands;
another stands out on the sun-lit, silver-flaring Hesperian Sea;
elsewhere, the sea is sapphire, then purple on the horizons;
the sun Laura is low and aureate;
the sky is a slowly darkening blue with high cirrus clouds that Arinnian sees as feathers;
there is a salt breeze;
Ythrians, human beings, draculas, aircars and vans are in flight;
an intercontinental liner lands at the airport;
higher up, space warcraft are on patrol because of imminent war against the Terran Empire;
beyond the coastal range and the central valley, he sees the highest peaks in the Coronan continent, called the Andromedas in Anglic and the Weathermother in Planha;
around Gray are Ythrian and human ranches;
three ecologies blend together;
human beings grow grain;
Ythrians graze maukh and mayaw;
oak, pine, windnest and hammerbranch encroach on native susin where there are still a few barysauroid.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I too seldom see this kind of color and detail in many science fictional works. I mean both practical details about how humans and non humans might work and find recreation. I think the pre-STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND works of Heinlein comes close (e.g., THE STAR BEAST). And S.M. Stirling's books as well (even tho he features mostly human beings). Asimov? Nope! He comes across, alas, as mostly flat and colorless to me.