Wednesday, 19 October 2016


In Poul Anderson's "The Three-Cornered Wheel," four Earthmen are shipwrecked on Ivanhoe:

Captain Krishna Mukerji;
Master Polesotechnician Martin Schuster;
Engineer Romulo Pasqual;
apprentice David Falkayn.

I think that it is worth recording each one because they all add to the richness of Anderson's Technic History. We know Falkayn - or will come to know him as we read the History. We learn that Schuster is Jewish and that his introduction of the Kabbalah will subvert the Ivanhoan theocracy. I am guessing that the other two are Hindu and Catholic respectively, at least by upbringing.

I thought that there must have been a fifth man because Pasqual refers to "Kirsh..." (The Van Rijn Method, p. 213) but there is no one else. "Kirsh" must be an abbreviation for "Krishna" and maybe should have read "Krish"? I will continue to mine this story for interesting details about the Technic History universe.

"All the traffic will bear."

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