Saturday, 22 October 2016


When Edward Garver lists the evils of the Polestochnic League on p. 409 of David Falkayn: Star Trader, my sympathies are with Garver. If I lived in the Solar Commonwealth, then I would campaign against League companies that were known to pay bribes or to ignore laws. Van Rijn himself pays some of his men to stage a diversionary riot, then bribes a judge to delay the police investigation.

However, Garver also commits an injustice. Adzel and Chee Lan applied for a warrant, alleging that David Falkayn was being held prisoner. Garver's comment:

"'Naturally, the warrant was refused.'" (p. 410)

Naturally! Any serious allegation should routinely be investigated without prejudicing the outcome of the investigation. A colleague of mine suspected racial discrimination when he was turned down for a job. His concerns were addressed. He was shown, and accepted, that he had not been the best qualified applicant. Unaddressed, his suspicion and resentment would have continued and grown.

Garver's evident indifference as to whether the allegation concerning Falkayn might in fact be true is appalling. His hostility to Solar Spice & Liquors influences his judgment.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Exactly, the blind hostility Garver shows to the Polesotechnic League in general and to Old Nick and his employees in Solar Spice & Liquors in particular, makes it understandable why van Rijn used methods I have to agree were wrong (such as bribing a judge).

And as the Wikileaks scandal involving Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in the US shows, such corruption happens in real life far too often!