Monday, 19 September 2016

Random Blogging

I did not expect to find so much in Poul Anderson's "Day of Burning." Comparing Babylon with Ardaig here led to searching for information on Merseian and Terran capitals here and thus to rereading "Day of Burning" which is partly set in the Old Quarter of Ardaig.

The next question for blogging purposes is whether to return immediately to SM Stirling's Against The Tide Of Years or whether instead to stay with David Falkayn for a while. A difficult choice!

Meanwhile, having recovered from a cold, a long canal walk is on the agenda.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

And I appreciated your discussion of "Day of Burning"! Hmmm, you might reread others of the stories about Nicholas van Rijn or Falkayn? Or SATAN'S WORLD?

And I'm still eager to know what you think of Stirling's AGAINST THE TIDE OF YEARS. And any Andersonian allusions and echoes you find in that book. You already know of my chief criticism of Stirling, the implausible use he made of large numbers of women soldiers and Navy personnel.

Nearing the end of rereading Anderson's THREE HEARTS AND THREE LIONS (only four more chapters left). A very FUN book to reread! Next I will probably start reading Stirling's new book PRINCE OF OUTCASTS, which has been patiently waiting for me! (Smiles)