Friday, 30 September 2016

An Apology

I should apologize to any regular blog readers who expect more coherence on the blog. Often, I read or reread a novel and post about it briefly but regularly while doing so. Several works have been reread and posted about more than once with different points emerging each time.

Currently, however, reading SM Stirling's Against The Tide Of Years for the first time has acted as a catalyst for posts about Babylon, then about recurrent issues in Poul Anderson's Technic History and Time Patrol series. I trust that this will not be considered reprehensible on a Poul Anderson Appreciation blog. However, there is every intention of continuing to read and discuss Stirling's Nantucket Trilogy. Indeed, there is considerable interest in finding out how it all turns out. I remarked before that Stirling writes superb villains and Nantucket is no exception.

Since we are now on the last day of the month and have reached a round number of posts and since I am also rereading Stieg Larsson's trilogy, I expect the next post here to be dated October 1st. October the first is not too late. See here.


David Birr said...

Kind of a funny coincidence, you making the reference to Sir Fred Hoyle, because just earlier today I spent a while recalling some of the plot and incidents in *Rockets in Ursa Major*, one of the few of his that I've read.

Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I do not in the least object to you being ALLEGEDLY incoherent in this blog! After all, I was the one who urged on you the desirability of reading the works of S.M. Stirling and finding comparisons, allusions, echoes, etc., in them to the works of Poul Anderson! Reading Stirling has helped you to find additional insights in the work of Anderson. To say nothing, of course, of how Stirling is worth reading in his own right.