Sunday, 18 September 2016

A Wodenite Buddhist At A Merseian Star Believer Meeting

On Merseia, four species interact:

David Falkayn meets the Hand of the Vach Dathyr;
Chee Lan meets the Hand of the Vach Hallen and the Warmaster of the Republic of Lafdigu;
Adzel addresses Star Believers.

Falkayn is human but Hermetian, not Terran;
Adzel is Wodenite but Buddhist;
Chee Lan is Cynthian;
all are employed by Nicholas van Rijn, who is Terran and Catholic;
Star Believers are inspired by a previous human visit to Merseia;
Hands and Warmaster are Merseians but with humanly recognizable motives.

A mixed bag. And we have not yet mentioned another powerful Merseian interest group - the Gethfennu!

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

The Star Believers are plainly the Merseian equivalents of our Terrestrial UFO believers, some of whom have founded UFO oriented religions (see Anderson's "Peek! I See You!" for his humorous but kindly take on UFOology).

And, unlike some writers such as C.S. Lewis and Brian Aldiss, I would not be surprised to find out non human intelligent beings to be DIFFERENT from us but to still have recognizable MOTIVES).