Sunday, 18 September 2016


"Day of Burning."

The kidnapped Chee Lan meets her captor, Haguan Eluatz, the head of the Gethfennu, Mersian organized crime:

black (not green);
bulging belly;
embroidered robe;
heavily scaled;
almond-shaped eyes;
scimitar-like nose;
glittering rings;
squatting on his tail;
accented Eriau;
gun and intercom on a large desk of dark, polished wood.

The setting:

somewhere on the planet Ronruad;
white fur carpet;
glowing pictures;
soft music;
sweet incense;
a couch;
an offer of arthberry wine;
windows showing -

-ruddy sand,
strange wild shrubbery,
a dust storm,
gaunt hills,
ice crystals,
the sun Korych, fierce through a tenuous atmosphere
and a few stars, including Valendary, the supernova whose radiation has not reached Korych yet.

Merseian governments hope that the League will not protect the Gethfennu from the supernova so Haguan must make his own arrangements. When he mentions torture:

Korych sets;
the sky turns black;
many "...beautiful but uncaring..." (p. 256) stars appear;
Haguan switches on a light and offers rewards.

Thus, a perfect synchronization between the universe and Haguan's dialogue. 

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I agree, once you pointed it out, Chee Lan's involuntary meeting with Haguan was skillfully written by Anderson.

And Ronruad reminds me of our own Mars, albeit, not quite so arid if it can support some kinds of plant life and water ice is seen.

And Haguan himself reminded me of our old friend Leon Ammon! Albeit the former operated on a far larger scale than did Leon. Haguan reminded me of Leon as well in his obesity, ruthlessness, and, it has to be admitted, very real abilities.