Thursday, 4 August 2016

Following Lines Of Thought

My philosophy and practice of blogging is to follow the line of thinking wherever it leads us. Thus, reflection on SM Stirling's character, William Walker, and his meddling in the ancient past led to several posts discussing Poul Anderson's Time Patrol and similar organizations even though there is no comparable organization in Stirling's Island In The Sea Of Time. All that happens there is that Nantucket and its inhabitants are unceremoniously ejected from 1998 A.D. and dumped in 1250 B.C. However, that is more than enough to raise all the questions about time travel paradoxes.

I will continue to read Island..., having become particularly interested in the fates of Walker and of his colleagues and antagonists, and will follow with its sequel, Against The Tide Of Years. Fortunately, sf authors like Poul Anderson and SM Stirling are able to create characters and plots, not just arguments about time travel! I can appreciate and analyze but not create fiction. Two fragmentary attempts are here and here.


  1. Kaor, Paul!

    And I'm still curious about how you might regard David Drake and S.M. Stirling's THE GENERAL series. Esp. since an AI plays a major role in it.


    1. Sean,
      That is probably a long way in the future!

    2. Kaor, Paul!

      Understood! But I hope you keep it in mind!