Tuesday, 12 April 2016

What Happened Afterwards

After Poul Anderson's "Iron" and "Inconstant Star":

the Saxtorphs stayed on Wunderland;
they went into partnership with Peter Nordbo who brought needed capital and business expertise;
the main office of Saxtorph and Nordbo is high in a building with views of both Munchen and countryside;
they have agreed that Rover will avoid contact with kzinti;
the Interworld Space Commission commissions them to carry cargoes to the puppeteer tradepoint and distribute exchange goods to four human planets;
meanwhile, their ship, Freuchen, carries a Navally protected scientific expedition to Pele, where there will be kzinti contact;
Nordbo's daughter, Tyra, a professional writer, accompanies the expedition.

Because this is the Man-Kzin Wars series but not the wider Known Space series, we see Tyra encountering a kzin, not Saxtorph dealing with puppeteers.

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