Monday, 11 April 2016

Astronomical Terminology

"'The planet's practically at the Roche limit. It's due to start breaking up.'"
(Man-Kzin Wars IX, p. 38.)

"'The planet's self-gravity will hold it together as it fills its Roche lobe.'" (p. 50)

"'...turbulence within may well eject great gouts of material, forming a spiral that streams into the star...the planet will take a teardrop shape, filling its Roche lobe, and pouring its substance down that spiral until it becomes an accretion disk.'" (p. 50)

"[Two moons] were close enough that tidal flexion...kept them warm enough that life was perhaps, barely, germinating..." (p. 44)

"'Apparently chondritic...'" (p. 53)

"'The chondrules surrounded a mixture of ices...The agglomerate was metastable...volatilization...'" (p. 54)

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