Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Ishtarian names for plants are neither translatable nor easily pronounceable so the human colonists and scientists coin new terms such as "lia" for the local equivalent of grass because Li Chang-Shi did the first scientific work on that family.

Other plants:

bitterheart, used by the natives for seasoning and a tonic, also has medicinal properties for human beings;

night thief makes Ishtarians ill and kills human beings;

pandarus draws entemoids for pollination by duplicating the sex attractants for both sexes;

also - firebloom, thunderweed, swordleaf, domebud, clingwort, fallowblade, plume, sundrinker.

The photosynthesizing molecule is similar to chlorophyl but yellow, not green, although red pigments are an energy absorber.

Animals are six-limbed, hence centauroid sophonts. Some flyers have two legs and four wings, others have four legs and two wings. Dauri life, including sophonts with flowers instead of visible heads, migrated from the planet Tammuz.

As ever with invented planets, Anderson will have devised an entire ecology only some of which will make it into the text.

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