Thursday, 19 February 2015

Epic Journeys

An epic journey: walking long distance in high gravity carrying heavy survival equipment while threatened by a Walking Forest, hot geysers and Slaughter Machines. And so understated - this is just one incident in Part Two of Poul Anderson's The Star Fox.

Other such epic journeys are:

on Jupiter in Three Worlds To Conquer (see here);
from a colonized planet in the Cloud Universe through interstellar space and a dark nebula to an outpost of human civilization in "Starfog;"
to Jotunheim in The Broken Sword;
in search of Jotunheim in the Last Viking trilogy;
to the icebergs and back in The Man Who Counts;
a long time journey in "Flight To Forever;"
a long space journey in Tau Zero;
a cosmic journey in The Avatar.

No doubt there are others that I have forgotten. Yet another recurring feature that could be analyzed in its own right.

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