Monday, 23 February 2015


OK. It is quite simple. The planet Ishtar is:

in orbit around Bel;
also close to Ea;
scorched every thousand years by the close approach of Anu.

Later, he travelled widely and joined the Triadic faith which personifies the three suns, whether literally or allegorically:

the main sun, Bel, is the sometimes terrible life-giver;
remote Ea symbolises the necessities of winter and death;
Anu, whose millennial approaches disrupt the planetary environment, brings chaos but also renewal.
-copied from here.

Life, death, chaos/renewal - Hinduism.

The Ishtarians variously name Anu:

the Red One;
the Stormkindler;
the Burner;
the Demon Sun;
the Invader;
the Marauder;
the Wicked Star;
the Rover;
the Torchbearer;
the Cruel Star;
Abbada, the outlaw god;
or by a series of epithets, none to be used twice in succession in case this draws its attention to the speaker.

The long-lived Ishtarians have learned ways to preserve the essentials of their civilization through Fire Time, the millennial scorching of their planet by Anu.


  1. Hi, Paul!

    Dang! Now I wonder if I should reread THE STAR FOX and FIRE TIME. And I did finish rereading GENESIS only about a week ago. Problem is, I've started reading an SF novel by a Chinese writer named Liu Cixin called THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM. So far, it seems good and interesting, beginning as it does in the madness of Mao's lunatic "Cultural Revolution."

    After Liu's book, I need to ponder which of Poul Anderson's books to reread. Either THE STAR FOX books or some thing else.


  2. Sean,
    You just can't keep up!