Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Ishtarian Evolution

I had a rough idea what "theroid" (Fire Time, p. 83) meant but I was wrong about it.

Ishtarian theroids:

are warm-blooded;
give live birth;
suckle their young;
grow alternatives to hair and placentas;
have endless other variations.

"'The fact of hexapodality versus quadrupedality appears to be fairly trivial, a biological accident.'" (ibid.)

Really? We could just as well have been four-legged? What a thought! (Mike Carey wrote a few stories about traditional centaurs in Lucifer because one of the artists had included one in a crowd scene.)

Periodic scorchings by Anu prevented cold-blooded animals so there were no dinosauroids. Theroids got an early start and are older than Terrestrial mammals. An Ishtarian sophont is a symbiote:

the pelt is a plant;
mane and brows are like ivy, making armor for the back and head;
the plants remove animal wastes in exchange for oxygen, are a fast-growing emergency food supply and free Ishtarian genes for other functions;
Ishtarian brains are better integrated than human, with no insanity.

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