Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Islands And Planets II

More fanciful parallels between narratives involving James Bond and Dominic Flandry.

(i) Crab Key is an island between Jamaica and Cuba. At the time of Doctor No, Jamaica and Crab Key are British territory.
Imhotep and Daedalus are planets in the Patrician System which, at the time of The Game Of Empire, is Terran territory.

(ii) On Jamaica, Honey Rider shares her cellar with mongooses, snakes, scorpions etc and is regarded as an obeah.
On Imhotep, Diana Crowfeather grows up friendly with other intelligent species.

(iii) On Crab Key, Doctor No works with the Russians, sabotaging American rockets. He controls a network of Chinese Negroes on Jamaica.
On Daedalus, Admiral Olaf Magnusson works for the Merseians, planning to become Terran Emperor. The Zacharians, on their Daedalian island of Zacharia, conspire with Magnusson and the Merseians.

Great struggles between powerful states first on Earth, then at the outer end of one spiral arm of the galaxy.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I think I like DR NO, THUNDERBALL, and FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE best of the Bond novels. Because they touch on what I consider real issues and dangers, not implausibilities like SPECTRE.