Monday, 5 June 2017

Everyday Life And Continuing Struggles

This evening I was going to attend our meditation group where there will be a visiting monk. Then I planned instead to meditate at home earlier in the day and to leaflet for the General Election in the evening. Then the veinous condition in my legs intervened, making it advisable to return to Plan A, to sit instead of to walk. Meanwhile, I find time to blog.

Reality and fiction run in parallel. SM Stirling's Wiccans, Benedictines and Mormons differ theolgically but share civilized values that enable and oblige them to unite against CUT which sometimes sounds like ISIS especially when one its men swears by the beard of the Prophet!

Life is a mixture of good and bad and one of its goods is fictional narratives that reflect life but that endanger the characters, not the readers.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

First, I'm sorry to now discover you have a veinous condition that sometimes makes walking difficult or painful for you. I hope the treatment you get for it works most of the time.

I would have included the Portland Protective Association in the list of disparate allies uniting against the CUT. As the PPA was developing during the Lady Regent Sandra's rule, it was becoming more decent and civilized. And accepted as an ally by the Benedictines of Mt. Angel, the Wiccans, and Mormons, etc.