Friday, 2 June 2017

Another Themed Anthology

I want to post about themed anthologies and find that I have already done so. See here. I am not a fan of this format even though Poul Anderson contributed to such anthologies and there has been an Anderson-themed anthology. However, Under The Moons Of Mars sounds particularly worthwhile with new stories and illustrations by many creators and a glossary by an ERB scholar. Of course, this recent volume lacks a Poul Anderson story but there is one by SM Stirling. My copy is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Reading that may affect posting here.

I would have liked Poul Anderson to contribute to:

John Carter;
Draka -

- but also to continue the Time Patrol and the Technic History.

In the first three of these examples, Anderson would have vastly improved on the originals. Take an absurd premise, as Alan Moore did with Marvelman and Swamp Thing, and turn it on its head. Carter and Kal-El have in common that each has traveled to a planet with lower gravity. Kal-El leaps above tall buildings, then flies. Carter leaps above the head of a twelve-foot green Martian and decapitates him. Probably he also moves faster. But there will be other effects that creative writers can think of. I will find out tomorrow.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I ESPECIALLY like the idea of Poul Anderson writing a story set in the Draka timeline. How would he have handled or treated the Draka and their Domination? He certainly would not have APPROVED of them at their worst. Did Anderson and Stirling ever discuss the latter's Draka books?

Stirling edited a collection of stories by other authors examining the Race ca;;ed DRAKAS! The book was pub. in 2000 when Anderson yet lived and might have been under preparation for one or two years previously. So PA might have contributed a story if he had so wished.