Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Day Of Judgement In SF

The Day of Judgement, a Biblical concept, is in all our heads but does not feature prominently in the works of hard sf writers.

(i) Nevertheless, HG Wells and Isaac Asimov each wrote a short story about it.

(ii) Poul Anderson describes a vivid mural of the Judgement in one of his many fictional futures.

(iii) Anderson's After Doomsday is set after the physical destruction of all life on Earth but without any supernatural aspect.

(iv) James Blish's The Day After Judgement is set after a literal Armageddon with an unexpected outcome.

(v) CS Lewis presents the Narnian Judgement in The Last Battle.

(vi) Also, replying to Wellsian sf, Lewis presents a prophecy of the Second Coming in his Ransom Trilogy.

(vii) There is a fundamentalist Evangelical Left Behind series about the "Rapture."

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