Friday, 19 May 2017

Re-Enter Trygve

Poul Anderson, Murder In Black Letter, Chapter 7.

Robert Kintyre has investigated and has fought a suspect. We learn a little about judo. Now Kintyre reports back to Trygve Yamamura whose office is above a drugstore in downtown Berkeley. Did we know that?

Yamamura taunts Kintyre as "Sherlock Nero Poirot." Three references in one! I have not read any of Nero Wolfe but (I think) James Bond said he liked him (as a fictitious character), (later: he did) which might have boosted Wolfe's sales. Also, is it true that the Wolfe series hints that its hero is a son of Sherlock? Sean has just asked me in the combox whether I have opinions about Fr Brown, Lord Peter Wimsey, Nero Wolfe, Miss Marple or Gideon Fell. Mostly, no! But let me get back to you. Probably busy with other activities today.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

This is the first time I ever saw anything about Nero Wolfe being a son of Sherlock Holmes. An INTRIGUING idea, but one I don't think is "true." What we know of Wolfe's origins and background is that he was born in the former kingdom of Montenegro, and apparently emigrated to the US after WW I. Perhaps he disliked how Serbia devoured and annexed his country.

If anything, Nero Wolfe reminds me more of Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's brother. They were both geniuses and stay at home types.

Thanks for the nice mention of me! And I'm rather fond of Gideon Fell, btw.