Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Song Of The Earth

What patterns would we discern if we were able to perceive the world on a vaster scale? Lacking enhanced perceptions, we can instead consult the imaginations of a few creative writers and end with a question about a Poul Anderson character.

SM Stirling's Rudi Mackenzie has religious experiences on battlefields. He hears:

"...part of the song the worlds sang."
-SM Stirling, The Sunrise Lands (New York, 2008), Chapter Twenty, p. 493.

Elliot S. Maggin's Superman: Miracle Monday (Caveat Corner Books, 2017), Chapter 16, "Song Of The Earth," describes how the world sounds to someone with super-hearing.

CS Lewis' Elwin Ransom thinks that he sees the Great Dance. Somewhere (I think) James Blish's Jack Loftus hears radio noise as the music of the spheres.

Question: does Poul Anderson's universal telepath, Aycharaych, tell us how he senses the universe?

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

In hard, actual, prosaic fact, I seriously have my doubts that anyone can have such "mystic" experiences on a BATTLEFIELD. It would seem more LIKELY that Rudi's mind would be intensely focused on how he and his friends could survive with as little damage as possible while doing the maximum possible damage to the enemy, the goal being to either escape or defeat that enemy.

I mentally reviewed the stories where we see Aycharaych, and I don't think he ever said anything about how his telepathic abilities enabled him to "see" the universe. We do see comments by him in WE CLAIM THESE STARS about him seeking to understand better either/both the universe or God.