Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Once More Into The Time Vortex IV, continued

Continued from here.

Backtracking a bit: individuals can be important because of what happens to them, e.g., Dreyfus.

The Patrol must watch over itself.
Everard has become one of the more important agents in the last three millennia.
His influence, including through friends like Wanda, is wide.
Wanda affected a milieu that she was meant only to study, then Everard became involved.
He and she may have no connection with the observed anomalies.
Nevertheless, the Patrol has to know about such influential agents.
Guion's work is within the Patrol.
He, born in a later and higher civilization, must know more about the Danellians.
He hopes that his enquires are merely tying up loose ends.

right now, it would be good to have an assurance that there will be "later and higher civilizations";
of course, Guion's enquiries are the preliminary to a temporal catastrophe;
after Everard has dealt with the catastrophe, he will remember his conversations with Guion and wonder but will not receive any further elucidation from the Patrol;
another coincidence is involved because he learns of the catastrophe while on holiday at the Pleistocene lodge - returning from there, he had entered the Carthaginian timeline.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Yes, I remember how Wanda affected events she was not supposed to have affected in "Beringia." The aftereffects caused so much strain and tension in the Patrol that Everard was worried about how his relations with other Patrol agents would be affected. He had to be reassured by higher ups that anger had been calmed and good relations restored. I think it ended with it being decided Wanda would not make a good field agent. That she would have to remain in the research/staff/administrative sections of the Patrol.