Friday, 5 May 2017

Gratillonius And Rudi Mackenzie

Two good leaders or rulers.

For my take on the differences between these roles, see here.

For Gratillonius' achievements, see here.

Rudi is riding beside a baron when the baron's people begin to cheer the baron. Rudi moves back so that the baron alone can take the cheers.

When Rudi advises the baron to petition the Lady Regent, he adds that he knows the Princess and that the Princess' mother, the Lady Regent, listens to her. He need not add that he will urge the Princess to advise her mother.

Rudi is a natural diplomat. One of his men observes his dealings with the baron and reflects on what a Chief he will make.

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Sean M. Brooks said...


I agree, Rudi's abilities as a diplomat were OUTSTANDING. If he had been more egoistic he might not have withdrawn discreetly to the background, and thus caused offence. And the same applies to how he promised the baron he would help to have the annual taxes remitted till the barony had recovered from the Haida raid.