Friday, 5 May 2017


I searched the blog for "2018." The search result here contains a contradiction. Clue: in what year does Robert Heinlein's Future History begin?

I am again reflecting on the significance of year dates:

SM Stirling's The Sunrise Lands was published in 2007;
I am reading it in 2017;
one section of its Chapter Eleven is a flashback set in "2019 A.D." (p. 275);
however, this is not our timeline and Stirling's characters call 2019 "CY21";
2018 is significant, at least to me, because of James Blish's Year 2018!, which I read in the 1960s;
the 21st century, originally existing only in the texts of sf novels, has migrated to their publishing histories;
we are getting closer to the beginning of Poul Anderson's major Technic History;
and now in 2017 it is time for me to eat some breakfast.


read The Sunrise Lands, pp. 275-512;
begin Poul Anderson's Murder In Black Letter.

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