Saturday, 11 March 2017


There was a time when, if you left the room, a book waited for you whereas a TV program did not. Now you can record the program and pause the dvd while watching it. Be that as it may, Sir Nigel Loring's rescue of Lord Bear from Crusher Bailey has been on pause while I have published the last few posts. Dashed decent of the chaps to wait like that.

This is an almost legendary meeting. We know Lord Bear from the previous volume and some of us know a version of Sir Nigel from a historical novel. See image.

In Poul Anderson's works:

Beowulf crosses over with Hrolf Kraki (see here);
 Macbeth is mentioned in a novel about Harald Hardrada (see here);
Macbeth and Hamlet are mentioned in Anderson's Shaespearean novel (see here).

And I did not expect the meeting between Sir Nigel and Lord Bear to recall those more illustrious cross-references.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I had to laugh a bit at your first paragraph where you stated it was "dashed decent" of various fictional characters to wait for you to finish other matters before returning to them.

Maybe you should have included how we see Nicholas van Rijn in "House Rule," one of the Old Phoenix stories, in your list? I'm rather fond of Old Nick!