Monday, 20 March 2017

Children Of League And Empire

Nat Falkayn is David Falkayn's grandson and Nicholas van Rijn's great-great-grandson.
Nat's father is Nicholas Falkayn.
Since David's mother, Athena, appears in Mirkheim, we know four successive generations of Falkayns.
Tabitha Falkayn is their later descendant.

The four works set during the Molitor dynasty feature:

two sons and one granddaughter of Hans Molitor;
a son of Dominic Flandry and Persis D'Io;
a daughter of Flandry;
a daughter of Max Abrams;
a son of Dragoika -

- and also mention a grandson of Molitor, Crown Prince Karl.

I think that it makes sense for these four works to be collected under the title of Children Of The Terran Empire. Poul Anderson's Technic History is not presented as a family saga and indeed its main focus is not family histories but historical processes. See here and here. Nevertheless, certain families make major contributions to more than one volume.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Some of Poul Anderson's works are family histories, most obviously HROLF KRAKI'S SAGA, MOTHER OF KINGS, and THE LAST VIKING. But then PA was modeling these stories on Scandinavian sagas, which did often have a strong genealogical framework.

And one thing to remember about Emperor Gerhart's son Crown Prince Karl was how he LIKED Dominic Flandry. So, if Flandry was still alive when Karl succeeded to the throne, he would very likely become a trusted and confidential adviser.