Friday, 4 November 2016

On Avalon

The most important physical and psychological difference between a human being and an Ythrian is that the latter can fly. A human being who joins a choth uses a gravbelt instead of wings and goggles instead of a nictitating membrane.

There are other differences. Ythrians are intelligent hunting carnivores who eat live prey. They are biologically territorial. All choth members are subject to laws and customs that allow deathpride quarrels to be resolved by duels, although Kruaths are peace-holy.

Avalonian choths and Kruaths coexist with the Parliament of Man but human beings who "go bird" by joining a choth are under choth, not human, law. Some Ythrians become "walkers" by adopting the human custom of living as atomic individuals within the planetary community.

Some Star Trek fans study Vulcanism. Poul Anderson fans need to understand Ythrianism, which includes an Old and a New Faith.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Of course the Ythrian Old and New Faiths should be studied, debated, refuted, defended, counter refuted, etc. But the religion of the God worshiped by Merseians would seem a more immediate issue for the peoples of the Empire and their neighbors. Because the Roidhunate threatened and menaced them all.